Overview of the Online Giving Feature

The Online Giving feature allows you to make gifts and pledges to the institution via e-checks and credit cards and to designate how your gift/pledge is to be used. The step-by-step transaction process is easy to use, and you have the option to target your gift to specific programs. All gifts and pledges can be given in memory or in honor or an individual. When making a pledge, you can also indicate how and when the pledge will be fulfilled.


Personal information, which is controlled by privacy settings in the My Info feature, can be viewed and updated by the constituent from within the Online Giving feature.

·       If you are not logged in or do not have a login and password and click the Give a Gift or Pledge link, the Personal Information screen displays and requires you to enter biographical information before the Gift or Pledge screen is displayed.

·       If you are logged in, personal information can be viewed and updated by clicking the Verify personal information link or tab.


You can designate specific user groups to be notified via an e-mail message when gifts/pledges are submitted. In order to grant these privileges:


Additional configuration settings specific to making gifts and pledges may be required to allow the donor to pay by credit card or electronic check, which creates financial transactions in EX. Currently, JICS utilizes Authorize.Net (automatically) and CashNet (via a services contract) to verify payments, which means that your organization must establish an account with Authorize.Net or CashNet.


Giving opportunities can be categorized in one of five ways:

·       Unrestricted

·       Campaign Funds

·       Financial Aid/Scholarship Funds

·       Memorial/Honor Funds

·       Gift Category Funds


When a gift or pledge is entered and the Confirm & submit donation link is clicked, a summary is displayed for review along with a final Confirm & submit link, which, when clicked, opens the Online Payments feature for your convenience in submitting payment for the gift/pledge.